You might be #Diversish if . . .

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Cartoon with six identical white men with the first one saying to the second “Diversity is Good. Pass it Down”

(with apologies to Jeff Foxworthy)

‘Diversish’ is a satirical term for businesses that call themselves diverse, but overlook, ignore or postpone anything having to do with disabilities. If you haven’t heard the word Diversish before, you probably need to watch this video. Warning: Install your “British Humour” filter first.

How do you know if your company is making an authentic commitment to disabilities or if you are diversish? Your company might be diversish if:

  1. There is a diversity and inclusion program with no disability component.

Lest you think this article be completely satire, I’ve personally experienced every single one of the above in my accessibility career.

Four thoughts to close with:

  1. People with disabilities are the largest minority in the United States.

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Blogger, disability advocate, nerd. Bringing the fire on ableism. A11y Architect @ VMware. Wheelchair user w/ a deaf daughter. CS, Law, and Business background

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