“Work as usual” after COVID-19 will be different. Get over it.

At least some of us will refuse to return to pre-COVID19 work styles.

Email headline: Need Program Coordinator in Sunnyvale Remote till Covid19
Screenshot from an email received by Sheri Byrne-Haber at her private email address (typo is theirs)

I don’t understand why anyone even thinks this is possible, much less desirable?

1. No one, I mean NO ONE, knows when COVID is “going to be over”

2. All person’ s/state’ s/country’s definitions of “over” are different

3. Beware the American company stupid enough to turn down WFH as a reasonable accommodation request

4. You are going to put off some potential candidates with this approach

5. What is it about the current situation that doesn’t scream “Hey we actually figured out this WFH thing”

America has literally gone overnight

- From a country full of businesses afraid of working from home

- To a country full of employees successfully working from home

6. Does the employer trust/respect its employees?

Blogger, disability advocate, nerd. Bringing the fire on ableism. A11y Architect @ VMware. Wheelchair user w/ a deaf daughter. CS, Law, and Business background

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