Website copy says more about your company than you think

Your corporate image will be hurt by beautiful, complicated language if you are leaving your users behind.

Using 8 formulas, Readability Consensus: Grade Level 21 Reading level: very difficult to read. Reader’s Age: College Graduate

<Company’s> new brand launch is a unifying framework for our seamless shopping experience that is designed to deepen our connection with customers and associates today and into the future, support our business transformation and provide an elevated creative approach,” said *person with two complicated titles*.

<Company> chose <brandname> as our leading brand message because it is inclusive, clear and memorable and supports our vision of serving America through food inspiration and uplift.

What are Readability Tests?

What are Readability Tests (simplified)?

What is wrong with complicated language?

Is web page copy language different than written language elsewhere?

COGA TF is coming


But don’t be “that company” that thinks that flowery complicated language equates to a premium experience that people are willing to pay more for. Because in the end, all that approach does is exclude people who could potentially be customers.

Blogger, disability advocate, nerd. Bringing the fire on ableism. A11y Architect @ VMware. Wheelchair user w/ a deaf daughter. CS, Law, and Business background

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