Building an “accessibility brand”

Meaningful accessibility discussions happen when you are not in the room. Having a personal accessibility brand can help deliver your message in your absence.

Wordcloud w/ Brand in center surrounded by product, identity, attributes, values, strategy, marketing, ethics, communication

1. You need to develop both an internal and external personal accessibility brand.

2. Slow and steady wins the personal accessibility brand race.

3. Google yourself to see where you are starting from.

4. Determine what you want to be known for in the accessibility arena.

5. Do a personal brand SWOT analysis.

6. Make sure your brand reflects the answer to the question, “what keeps your boss awake at night?”

7. Prepare an accessibility elevator pitch.

8. Network, network, network

9. Build a personal website (and keep it up to date)

Do NOT under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES build an inaccessible website touting your accessibility brand.

10. Re-evaluate your personal accessibility brand as you evolve

Blogger, disability advocate, nerd. Bringing the fire on ableism. A11y Architect @ VMware. Wheelchair user w/ a deaf daughter. CS, Law, and Business background

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