Accessibility Bingo

This is not a game you want to win. Especially in Blackout mode

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You know that conference call Bingo meme? I adapted it for accessibility :-)

The Free Space — No Manual Testing done

Videos use automatic (ASR) closed captioning

Focus moves unpredictably

Swipe only behavior exists on mobile

Actionable components can’t be reached from the keyboard

Updates take place on screen away from focus location that are not announced

Apps don’t rotate when the device does

CAPTCHAs other than Google reCAPTCHA are used

Product is nominally accessible but no one checked docs, training, support, or surveys

No skip to content link

Mobile testing done on only standard sized devices

Keyboard Focus indicator is one pixel thick, dashed, and has terrible contrast

No ARIA anywhere

All testing done by individuals without disabilities

Product is “fixed” to be made accessible post-release

Designers removed markers to indicate required/optional or no legend

Red and Green used adjacent to each other with no patterns or differentiators

No responsive breakpoints used

“Once we are done dealing with accessibility …”

Tables aren’t properly structured

UX doesn’t consider the needs of customers with disabilities

Text is used over pictures

Carousels or GIFs are continuously moving

Decorative images have descriptions

Headers are used for style, not navigation


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Accessibility Architect @ VMware. W3C Silver, ITI & IAAP GLC committees. Degrees in CS, law, business. Wheelchair user w/ a deaf daughter.

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